Green Pool Cleanup

Swamp with Fish

This customer called me with one of the worst pools I’ve ever encountered. It had been sitting abandoned so long that it was only half full. But the kicker is that it literally had fish living in it! Hundreds of little fish were swarming around. Needless to say, cleanup was a dirty job involving a multi-step process of draining, debris removal, chemical washing, and rinsing. The before and after speaks for itself. The customer was so pleased they decided to hire me for long-term maintenance service!

Equipment repair

Busted filter

This old filter had run its course. The cartridges were worn out and restricting water flow and causing excessively high back-pressure on the system. As a result, the plastic manifold inside the tank cracked! It soon became apparent that replacing the cartridges and manifold assembly was not cost-effective in comparison to an all-new system. Enter Sta-Rite System 3 to the rescue! We cut out the old filter and installed a new one, guaranteed to keep this pool going for years to come.