Weekly Full Service

Enjoy weekly scheduled service of your swimming pool: all cleaning, chemical balancing, and equipment maintenance done on time, every time! Free estimates.

Weekly Chemical Only Service

Weekly chemical balancing. Maybe you have a simple pool and just need chemical balancing taken care of. Skip the guesswork of testing pool water and overpaying for chemicals at local pool supply shops.

Equipment Sales & Repairs

Is your equipment starting to show its age? Or is it just not keeping up with your pool’s needs? Whether it’s a filter, pump, heater, or cleaner you need, Ally Pool Care can complete the project from start to finish with competitive pricing. Call now for a free estimate on any job!

Dirty Pool Cleanup

No challenge is too much for Ally Pool Care. We’ve tackled some of the worst-looking pools in town. Let us turn your swamp into an oasis again.

Chlorine Washes

Has your pool turned into a swamp? Let us recover it with a comprehensive cleaning and chlorine wash that will have it looking like new again!

Draining & Reconditioning

Sometimes the best solution is just to start from scratch. When your pool’s water reaches a certain age or the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) becomes too high, you may find that it is no longer receptive to treatments and you are throwing your money down the drain by adding more and more chemicals. We can drain your pool, condition the new water, and add all necessary start-up chemicals, giving you the fresh start you need.

Need a new filter?

The Sta-Rite System 3 cartridge filter is the Cadillac of swimming pool filters. With its 300 square feet of filtration area and cartridge style setup, it keeps your water shining while achieving cycles of 3-6 months between cleanings. It will help keep your pool looking its best for years to come. Contact us for a free estimate including installation.

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